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two rabbits and the shed

We are now in one of the biggest holiday seasons in Japan. From the end of April to the beginning of May we have some national holidays which - with the weekend - makes a long successive holidays every year, and we have very comfortable weather this time of the year, many people enjoy outing, travel, etc. My sister and her family are now visiting her partner's mother living in the north part of Japan, and my mother goes with them. This means I stay at home alone and am taking care of my rabbit Mr.Uma and my sister's rabbit Ms Tsuku XD

So this morning after I saw my mother left home, I cleaned Mr.Uma's and Ms Tsuku's toilet boxes, fed them, did some washing, did grooming Tsuku with brush. Then I began to tidy the small shed in the garden.
During the construction of our new house we had kept many things in it and still now it's rather a mess there. I've wanted to clean it, tidy the inside since when I moved into the new house. I know it would take time - maybe 2 or 3 days, and I need the good weather to take its contents out (because it's a small detached house in the garden) so I'd decided to do this cleaning on this holiday.
Today I took many stuff out of it, put them in our house temporarily, and swept its floor. Tomorrow I'll put the things into the shed again but I need to think the good arrangement of them - there are so many stuff - the old photo albums and books, some small furniture we couldn't put in our house, some domestic appliance which usually we don't use but want to keep just in case, shovels, scythes and other gardening instruments, etc etc.

You see - I spend a qute busy holiday!
And it's a gorgeous fine day today. In our garden many iris and other flowers are blooming, they are wonderful!

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