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A "Japanese" day 1

Kamakura, the old Samurai capital(in the 12th century) and now the popular tourist destination with many temples & shrines and beautiful beaches, is my mother's hometown, her parents (my grandparens) had lived there for a long time so I'd visited there quite often. But after grandparents had gone many years ago, and we sold their property about 4 years ago, I seldom have had the opportunity to go there though it's just 30 minutes train ride to go there from Yokohama station.

In our modern daily life we seldom have the opportunity to wear Kimono, the Japanese traditional dress. it's a shame for I love to wear them, and we (mother and I) have many good kimonos, not only our own ones but also the ones once belonged to my grandmother or aunt.
My friend M has the same problem. She loves kimono too, and some of her old relatives or friends have given her their kimonos but she doesn't have much opportunity to wear them in her busy life.

So, M and I have decided to make the opportunity to wear kimono, and visit Kamakura.

Yesterday both of us took a day off from our jobs, wore kimonos ( I can't wear it by myself but mother helped me to do so), took train and visit Kamakura. First we had lunch in a nice small restaurant and enjoyed Japanese cuisine. Usually we often enjoy Italian or Asian food but in our kimonos, having Japanese food seemed quite appropriate.

(Our lunch)

Then we visited the nearby temple. It's a small temple but had the long history and the nicest garden, and very tranquil atmosphere. Trees and flowers were beautiful in bright sunshine, the birds' songs and comfortable breeze were really wonderful.

(I'm sitting on a bench in the garden of the old temple.)

(Look at the colours of these greenery and flowers!)

(to be continued...)
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