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For years we - my parents, my sister and I, and my grandparents and their daughter(my aunt) - had lived in a two-family house. Usually we lived sepalately but often two housewives (my mother and my grandmother) exchanged their home cooking, and I sometimes joined my grandparents on their supper so grandmother's cooking was familiar to me. She had never made "smart" dishes, what she had made was always the ordinary traditional food. One of my favorite was Gomokumame, soybeans simmered with small pieces of carrot, lotus root, burdock, sea tangle and Konnyaku.

After my grandmother had gone I missed her Gomokumame but unfortunately it's not among my mother's cooking repertoire. Though I was usually quite useless in the kitchen I got the recipe book and tried to learn how to make it. Now Gomokumame is one of the few foods I can cook X)

It's not my grandmother's recipe but whenever I make it I remember my grandmother, and the old days I'd spent with her.

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