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photo data

It was - at last! - fine today! Not a bright sunny day but a day with mild sunshine, from the morning to sunset! It makes me feel good :)
But I have spent most of time indoors today, checked and sorted the photo data and films of my travels. I have asked a certain shop to scan the films and make the photos into the digital data and recently got the scanned data. They are the photos I had taken on my travels before I got the digital camera - the ones from my travels to R.L.Stevenson related places. Stevenson is the famous Scottish author and I have visited many places where he had once lived or visited, or the museums and his grave. I want to keep the photos of those places safely so decided to make them into data.

It's fun to see all those old photos I took on 1990's or 2000's again but keep seeing them in the room for hours made me tired very much, so in the afternoon I went out and weeded a garden, and had shower before supper. A labour in the garden made me physically tired but at the same time feel better :)
Tags: daily life, travel/going out

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