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Mr.Uma weekend

I have planed many things to do on this Sunday & Saturday. After taking Mr.Uma to the vet in Saturday morning I'd have done some editing job for the club I belong to, weeding the garden a bit, washing the winter clothes and putting the winter shoes and bags back into the closet etc. On Sunday, I was going to my friend's concert in the afternoon, before going to there I'd be able to do some shopping - not the groceries but maybe a new handbag or purse -, also I was going to take some winter clothes to the cleaners, and after the concert having a nice supper with a friend. All has been canceled except going to the veterinary clinic with Mr.Uma. The vet found the trouble about my rabbit's teeth, and today (Sunday) I took Mr.Uma to some clinic in Tokyo to let him have CAT scan. CAT for a small rabbit! Even I have never had CAT scan X)  Anyway it took more than 5 hours to go there & back home, - taking the crowded train, changing trains at crowded Shinjuku station (the biggest and maybe the most crowded train station in Japan!), another crowded train and 10 minutes walk, then more than 1 hour in a chilly waiting room, talking with the vet about the condition of Mr.Uma's teeth after the exam, again the long train journey. Well... I feel like I have had no weekend holidays at all.
As for the CAT result we haven't got the detailed data yet but the condition is not good. But the vet and I had already known that Mr.Uma's teeth are terribly crooked, so the problem was just when it would cause a serious trouble.  Fortunately Mr.Uma himself doesn't look like tired much nor feel sick at the moment, he is "washing" his face on my futon eagerly :) I have to talk with the vet again maybe on the next weekend about what we should do for Mr.Uma.
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