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night blossoms

Yesterday was a gloomy day, the weather forecast has warned some rain in the evening though I and my best friend went out to see cherry blossoms in some park after work.
We Japanese love to see the cherry blossoms under the blue sky, but enjoying the night view of them is also a very popular event in spring. Every spring I and she go out to see them, our favorite spot for the night blossoms is the small park in the residential area near Yokohama harbour, where many homeless cats live in.
When we went there we had a slight rain but we could enjoy the blossoms enough :)

(In the middle picture, an orange cat was enjoying the night view of cherry blossoms on the pillar.)

(On the water surface of the pond  cherry petals was making the beautiful pattern.)

Then we went to the small but good Spanish restaurant to have supper, talked much. When I came home last night it's almost midnight :)
Tags: daily life, travel/going out

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