katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

cherry bloosom, and smile

It's a beautiful day today, sunny and warm. And the cherry blossoms are at their best! I ate out with my co-workers on lunchtime and enjoyed to see cherry blosooms in neaby park. They were gorgeous!

(from the cafe window)

But in the office, there were 2 or 3 unpresant things - not very serious still quite irritating, when I left the office I felt exhausted. I knew I was very expressionless then for I had no energy to smile. I didn't care... I was just going to shop and home.
Then I queued at the cash desk of the grocery shop and saw an old couple buying fruits or something.They were smiling and talking with the cashier, looked like talking about how to wrap their purchase etc. It's a quite normal, common scene still it was good to see them smiling, and I noticed that even if they were just passers by it's always comfortable to see people are smiling. I have known it, but I did have forgotten it.
It's difficult to smile when we run out of our energy... but I'll try to do ... maybe tomorrow.
Tags: daily life, thought

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