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escape to book

I don't want to mention my depressed mood here any more, want to write about something funny & positive, but it's difficult to find such topics on these gloomy days. The annual rainy season, which usually begin at the end of June, has already begun this year and the miserable weather makes us somewhat downhearted.

On such days I used to escape to the easy companionship with my rabbit Mikebo, but now without her I feel a bit lost.

Maybe I should think about the victims in Tohoku. Despite the many recent report about the recovery in reality the situation is still very serious there, some lifelines have been still stopped. How lucky we are, having these peaceful life, though even dull.

So, I, thankfully, escape to reading tonight. C.S.Forester's "Hornblower and the Crisis". It's better to be absorbed in the fiction which has no connection with this tough days...
Tags: book

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