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daphne odora

In our garden now daphne odora is blooming. It is the very popular garden tree here, their flowers are very fragrant and tell us the coming spring!

Once we had had a big daphe and every spring enjoyed its wonderful scent - especially in the evening. But daphne is not a tree lives long, our big one had died many yeas ago. Since then I'd decided to have one when I'd rebuilt my house and arrange the garden and last year I asked the gardener to plant one with white flowers(the pink flowers are more common). So this is its first bloom here, I'm enjoying the scent now :)  This tree is small now but I expect it'll grow soon and its flowers will scent more next year!

Now the spring has come and I see many weeds appear everywhere, I'm afraid that I have to spend hours to pull them out! But also I find many wild grasses which Mr.Uma likes to eat, I often pick them for him.
I'm just an ordinary office worker with the middle-class income though my garden, like the properties of my 3 or 4 neighbours, is unusually big as a modern Japanese private house in the residential area. It's because my grandfather had got it before the last war when each housing lot was far bigger than today's one. I always feel I'm quite lucky to have this garden. When I see those eatable grasses or flowers etc I think having a garden is far better than have much money or jewels ... it gives me a sheer happiness.
Tags: daily life, mr.uma

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