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For the sun shines...

The weather has been quite changeable and mostly cloudy recently. This morning when I opened the window and saw the cloudless blue sky I noticed that I hadn't have it for a while. And I found the sunshine gave me more positive view of life and good feeling, one of the reasons of the slight depression I had had lately might be the gloomy weather. Though the wind was still chilly and I wore the winter garments to go to the office.

And it's been 4 years since the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami on 11 March 2011. 15,891 people were killed and 2,584 are still missing. Also the disaster has caused the death of more than 3000 people indirectly - because of the exhaustion or suicide out of despair etc, and more than half of those people are from Fukushima.

The earthquake and tsunai were the natural disaster but the nuke crisis of Fukushima nuclear power plant was unquestionably the man-made disaster, and while the reconstruction of the destroyed towns is progressing in other areas many damaged towns in Fukushima are left untouched. There are still more than 230,000 people who are forced to live temporary in unfamiliar area, often in very small apartments, cannot return to their own houses in the "must evacuate from" area in Fukushima, and nobody knows when they can return to their hometowns.

This is ...almost unbelievable situation. But here at home I have a living proof of the disaster - my rabbit who was rescued from Fukushima in early summer of 2011. I can't imagine how those people have felt when they had to leave their houses, their livestock, pets, farms and crops, their jobs etc in the nuke-polluted town. Even now it's difficult for me to read the articles about the disaster and its victims, they are too cruel and shock my heart badly.

At least I do remember about the disaster, and the shock, helplessness and despair I have felt then, and maybe "do not forget" is the first thing we should do about that fatal disaster.

(Mr.Uma - the fourth from the right & left - and his friend rabbits in his former house in Minamisouma city in Fukushima. They'd lived in the garden of some hotel, maybe as an attraction for the guests. This is the photo taken by the volunteer who has rescued them in 2011.)

On sunny peaceful day I'm filled with quiet happpiness and thanks for my peaceful life. But this happiness might be always threatened even if we don't notice. So on this peaceful day I think, I remember, and pray.

(Mr.Uma at the moment.)
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