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Since last week I've been somewhat in depression. I don't know why, maybe the reaction against the busyness and restlessness during the last few months of 2014? I want some distraction from this stereotyped daily life but I can't be eager for anything at the moment. I've tried to think about taking a short domestic trip, checked some guidebooks or websites but they didn't seem attractive much. I don't need to go out of course, I have many things I can do (and should do) in my own house and garden, but I feel like I want to leave here ...just for a few days. Here in my house I can't forget the many things I should do (or I should have done), and they sometimes make me feel panic a bit. Unfortunately at present my close friends are busy or not in good condition, I can't ask them to join me to go out.
I know I have a very fortunate life, I don't have anything I can complain at present. Then what is this melancholy... ? :(
Tags: daily life

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