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Yesterday I came home from my holiday trip and found my rabbit Mikebo had died the day before. I have known it could happen for she was an old rabbit and been afraid of it whenever I go out. My mother who had taken care of her during my holiday said she had been quite as usual, eaten well & been lively all the time, then she had found Mikebo dead but looked like just sleeping in her usual hiding place in my room. So it looks death visited her quite suddenly with no pain, it's at least a relief to me.
Last night I've been holding her for hours for the last time and this morning I & mother buried her at sunny spot in our garden.

Mikebo has lived with me almost 6 years after she rescued by volunteers, she's been a healthy, pretty, obedient and healing companion for me and I know she also enjoyed her life with me.

I enjoyed my holiday travel very much but all the joyful memories fade now, I feel just a regret that I could not be with her in her last 10 days and great emptiness at present.
I know all those colourful memories of travel, and the days with my Mikebo will eventually return to me, but not now, not for a while.
Tags: my dear mikebo

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