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20 years

20 years ago. 17 Jan 1995.

I remember, early morning of that day I saw the TV news reporting that there was rather big earthquake in Osaka but no detailed information yet. The news of earthquake is not very unusual here, so I just left for the office - it was the ordinary workday to me then. In the morning I was out with the co-workers then around noon back to the office where we found all of the co-workers in the office were just watching TV - reporting the unbelievably big fire burning the entire town. Then I knew for the first time that the earthquake in the early morning was a terribly huge one, destroyed the wide area around city of Kobe and Awaji island, both near Osaka. The reason that the TV news program in the morning had not reported the seriousness of the damage was just that it was so severe that no information could be reported from the disaster area soon.

It was Great Hanshin earthquake occurred at 5:46 on 17th January 1995, the first big earthquake which hits the big city in modern Japan and killed more than 6400 people, and shook our mind entirely, sent a shudder through the whole country.

Time flies, now we noticed it has been 20 years since that fatal day. The babies born on that day are now grown-up. And we've experienced the severer disaster in 2011, so much changes of the society, technology and sense of value. And we find now this world has become the insecure and tougher place to live in with so much gap between rich & poor, so much intolerance, hatred and violence. During these 20 years we've (hopefully) learned many things & improved the society systems but now can we say that we are living in the better world than before?

I'm not sure. The recent news from Europe are just unsettling and desperate, in my own country too the social situation does not seem to be hopeful one.
20 years ago we must have sworn to try to make the better world & try to live better life for the sake of the dead, 4 years ago (the Tohoku earthquake and Tsunami) too, for the sake of so many dead. The memory of that day makes me think many things, and I can't find the answer I should have got.
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