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Recently I talked with my friend about the habit of the able business person. My friend, who herself is quite an able publicist, said that more able the person was then more quick he or she was in their e-mail reply, incapable person was always slow and hesitant. Yes, indeed. My opinion was, the able business person often said "interesting!" when they hear about the new idea, the common workers usualy did not like the new job plan or idea but people with talent and skill were positive most of time.
To us, it seems that most of the ordinary office workers do their job quite reluctantly. Of course we workers have to do what we can't agree with or can't have interests in sometimes but essentially we should enjoy our job, and at least it's better to try to find something "interesting" in our job.
I'm not sure if I can do it in the office... I've complained about my job many times - about my stupid boss or rude co-worker, about the miserable situation in which I can't use my skill and experience. But at the same time I've tried to find the things which interests me. And now, after moving to the another section in the office in Oct, I have to say I'm luckily doing the job which is interesting enough. So now I have to try to be more able, and try to send my return e-mails quickly!
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