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Glasgow and Edinburgh - 1

Last week, from 11th to 16th Nov I've visited Scotland. It's a very short stay but I met many Scottish friends and enjoyed my holiday there. So I post some photos from my trip.

In Glasgow

2 G市議会?内部階段s
Glasgow City Chambers

3 ウィローティールームs
The famous Willow Tearooms (C.R.Mackintosh design).

Maybe I should try their "Afternoon tea" - scones & sandwiches etc ... but instead I enjoyed their Haggis XD
5 WTRのハギスs

They have many magnificent buildings in Glasgow, to me the most impressive one was Glasgow University.
7 G大学s

...and I of course went to see the statue of Duke of Wellington. But he didin't have his famous traffic cone hat!
11 ウェリントン昼s

But in the evening when I returned he had it on him! X)
14 夜Wコーンs

I owe all of these enjoyable memories to my wonderful Glasgow friend. Thank you very much, dear anteros_lmc

Tags: travel/going out

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