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persimmon weekend

This week Monday was a national holiday, it means we had 3-day weekend - and it was a mild, good autumn weekend.
On the first, sometimes 2nd weekend of November I take persimmon fruits every year. This year on Sunday my 2 friends came here to help me, then on Monday my sister and her 3 children were here. They - my nephew and niecese were enjoying the activity very much, they climbed a stepladder or trees, went out from the skylight of the loft onto the roof to get the fruits. Laughing and shouting ... quite different from our usual quiet life but it was nice to have them sometimes. The weather was so so, mild for November and we all enjoyed the comfortable autumn air though it's a bit windy on Sunday.

(my sister & her children)

And now our small hallway is occupied by persimmon fruits. Until last autumn I put the fruits in the coolest room which gets no sunshine. But I found inside of my new house it's warmer than in my old house, now I hope the fruits would not get ripe too fast...
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