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a friend via internet

Yesterday(Saturday) and today(Sunday) I've met my friend visiting Tokyo & Yokohama from Hokkaido(the northern big island of Japan). Though usually we can seldom meet I & she have been good friends maybe for ... about 10 years? I can't remember. We are almost in the same age but have very different background, even our favorite things are totally different. Her first love is for flamenco, she dedicates herself to it quite earnestly for nearly 20 years. Mine is for books & foreign travel, and unfortunately I'm helpless about physical activity - unlike her. But we've happened to love the same drama many years ago and become acquaintances in a fan community on some social network. Now she retires from that SNS, prefer Facebook and there too she found some good friends who came from very different area & background. (I myself never tried Facebook.)

Yesterday we visited a flamenco concert then enjoyed talking for hours by ourselves, but today we met her Facebook friend. He is a totally stranger to me but even she had never met him before, just corresponded with him via Facebook comment. He is a retired businessman, maybe around 65, once worked in Europe so has wide knowledge & experience , seems to be an intelligent & pleasant man - so she has thought, and decided to see him on this trip(he happens to live in Yokohama). And she was right. He was indeed an intelligent & pleasant man, we really enjoyed talking together for hours then I & the man said goodbye to her who left for Hokkaido this afternoon.

It's somewhat amazing how easily we can trust some friends from the virtual community but actually we observe countless aspects of them from their comment, their writing style etc thus we can find the real friends via internet someitmes...
Tags: daily life, thought

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