katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

No clover, more exercise.

Today I took Mr.Uma to the vet after a month. He seems to feel a bit unwell recently, not in his best condition. The vet touched his belly (& X-rayed it) and found there was much gas in his bowel. It might be caused by food, has Mr.Uma eaten something new recent few weeks? ...Clover?  This year after the construction of the house & gardening I found 2 or 3 mass of clover in our garden & recently often picked them for Mr.Uma. But clover is reguminous plant and it could ferment & produce gas (I'm not sure if my choice of words is good, please correct it if it's wrong). The vet said I could give it to Mr.Uma, but just a little! And I should try to exercise him to make his bowels work well. So this evening I chased him or tempted him with food to run around. Whew...
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