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There is always problems about human resource, anywhere :(

So... I moved to the another section in the office from the 1st Oct. Now I have totally new job, a boss and a co-worker in our team, both are the person I know well & I have good relationship with them :)

Next to our desks there is public relations section in which I'd worked for years before, besides communicating with the journalists  they also make public relations magazines, in-house newsletters, PR posters etc - the jobs familiar to me, or frankly, the jobs I still can do far better than any member of the PR team (and everybody knows it). And recently the most skilled worker of the team entered her maternity leave and might not return untill spring. So it's not a surprise that the leader of the PR team asked me for help on the 1st day.

Though it's a bit surprise that the leader, Mr.N whom I'd worked with for years before, confessed that his team was now in a rather uncontrollable situation for one of the team members was just a incompetent man and never do his share, and to make matters worse their boss was unbelievably irresponsible man & seldom paid attention to their PR jobs. He didin't even try to find a replacement worker for the woman who was going to have a baby. Mr.N said he had no idear how he could handle all the jobs just with his young subordinates and no help from his superior.

Well... I knew there were many teams in our company appealed the lack of manpower, but his situation seemed terrible. My former team was the personnel department, I talked about the problem to my former boss. And I'm going to introduce my acquaintance who has the long experience of editing & happenes to be unemployed now to the PR team next week.

So during the first week of my new job, I've mainly coordinated - not my own job but my former co-worker's job. This is what we do in the organization.   ...sigh :(
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