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Some of my Western friends might have heard about the news that Ontake-san, a Japanese volcano erupted yesterday. We have some active volcanos in our country so the news of eruption usually does not astonishes us much. But this one was considered to be rather an inactive active volcano and popular destination for hikers. With the comfortable autumn climate & good weather, and beautiful autum colour, many hikers including elderly people & children were there, just on the summit of the mountain when it erupted. Most of the hikers have descended the mountain before dark today but the eruption seems have killed more than 30 people we are afraid. This eruption was so sudden and unexpected, this merciless suddenness terrifys me. I don't do hiking on the high mountains but my sister & her children do sometimes so I feel those unfortunate hikers could be anyone.
Sometimes mother nature requires human sacrifice cruelly, I just bow my head in fear & sorrow.
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