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peaceful autumn days

It's Sunday, and tomorrow is the national holiday so we have 3-day weekend now. The weather is good, the air is mild and comfortable. This year we don't have the late summer heat which usually trouble us until the middle of Sep, it's good for our tired body. I'm still busy in the office so this 3-day off is quite welcomed.

Yesterday (Saturday) was a clinic day - in the morning I went to certain clinic to ask about my physical condition then in the afternoon I took Mr.Uma to the vet after 1 month. Thankfulluy his condition is good recently, the vet just found his teeth were a bit overgrown (and cut them) but besides it no problem.

(The vet cheking skilfully the inside of Mr.Uma's mouth)

The temperature was not too high nor too low, it's good I don't need to worry about the heat or chill when I go out with Mr.Uma in the carrying bag. I could enjoy nice breeze when I came home with him.

Today I was doing something on my desk which I should have done before. Sometimes when I heard mew and looked out of the window I saw the homeless cats were enjoying the confortable autumn day too in our garden XD


These are all different cats, and each of them are quite familiar to my eyes recently - I think there are about 7 cats often visiting my garden XD
As a rabbit owner I can't say I'm glad to see these cats seem to consider that they are welcomed here anytime, but both of I & mother are generally like any animals & don't want to bother to kick them out. I can't deny that I rather like to see them relaxing here and clearly these cats know it.

I'm never a good gardener and my garden might be look like being a bit neglected, but I somewhat enjoy to spend some time there. I have 2 or 3 small masses of clover and sometimes pick its leaves for Mr.Uma.


I still crave for taking days iff from the job & maybe a holiday trip though on such peaceful autumn days it seems that staying here in my own house is the best choice to relax. X)
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