katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

want to travel....

Recently I've been quite busy with my job and in the evening I'm exhausted and seldom find the energy to post here or draw or do something creative. I hope I'll be able to find time for myself in near future. Yesterday I happened to see my friend on lunchtime, we ate out & talked much. She had also been busy during this summer and wanted to take off from her job & travel. We are not sure at all if we can have holiday at the same time but we enjoyed to talk where we should go on our holiday... somewhere in south, beach resort, maybe Malaysian island or Hawaii???
I'd like to visit Scottish highland, or Swiss mountain, or Czech forest (^o^)/ to stroll around in the cool air ... but Europa is far and I need long vacation so not for the short holiday within this year, I need to find a good place in Asia. But now it's not easy to find the place free from the energetic & noisy Chinese tourists in Japan and Asia. Maybe at first I should buy some travel guidebooks ... no at first I need to check when I can take off from my job - and this has been the most difficult thing during last few months for my job schedule is quite changeable X(
Tags: daily life, thought, travel/going out

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