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job situation

At the beginning of May I was given 2 jobs. I belong to the personal department and one job is about employment & the other is about training. Both jobs were new to me and not easy to learn but the first one is interesting, and the co-workers are good. And when we are trying to find the new employees we often make the poster or web-site therefore I can use my skill of editing or designing. But the second one, training or education, is the job I have never liked or been interested in, and the co-worker is a woman I can't like. She is a skilled worker but not good at human relationship, often makes other people unpleasant. Even when I try to be nice to her she is often offensive (and surprisingly, with no malice, it seems) so you can imagine that the second job has caused much stress. And each job has been terrible during this summer, we've been quite busy, all of us. I've been exhausted for weeks and months, recently I told my boss that I couldn't do them any more, those hectic job situation had already destroyed my personal life. Finally my boss gave up the idea that he could manage all those jobs with the present members and now he is trying to find the new member for the training job. Yes, I don't have to do the second job! Though just with the employment job we are busy enough, it's a relief to me. Tomorrow it's Sunday but I and a co-worker will go to the office for a kind of entrance examination. I think I'll be still busy for a while and no one is sure when we'll find the relaxing time. But I hope boss's decision might be a good turning point.
Tags: daily life

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