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a sunday thought

Sunday. It's cloudy and the temperature is not too high nor too low, the air is rather comfortable. The end of summer and at the same time the beginning of autumn. Mother is going out for overnight trip with friend so I'm alone with Mr.Uma. It's quiet except barks of neighbour's dog and small sound from nearby road. I enjoy the scent of lilies mother has bought & displayed in the hall a few days ago.

In the morning when I look outside I found a cat was walking in our garden. He is one of the homeless cats I often (almost every day!) see here, and he seems to think that this is HIS home XD
Anyway he was quite at home, walked to the water-pot of my rice-fish and carefully got onto the edge of it. I didn't worry much about fish for there was a net on the pot. His purpose was drinking water from a plastic bucket I left next to the pot. I could listen to the small sound when he (or she) was drinking water. It's cute :)

Maybe I should scare the cat off but this was so peaceful scene that I didn't want to disturb it.

This is a rare quiet Sunday and I have many things to do, but unfortunately after the busy, unpleasant & messy working days - and weeks, I'm tired and feel unwell, couldn't do much of them. I just did some small housework, took a nap, read some pages of a book - and now it's already 5pm. I just had some rest which I really needed. I think of asking my boss to lessen my job in near future otherwise I won't have the decent life, and soon the job itself would be broken.

Mr.Uma is fine and good boy, recently he eats timothy grass well and poops well :)
When he feels good I feel good too! :)
Tags: daily life, mr.uma

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