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summer holiday

In our office the employees can choose any successive 3 days during July to Sep as their summer holiday. Many co-workers use it to travel with family or other nice event. But this year I didn't have proper choice, when I was given the new job in May many business events and meetings have been already set during all summer. How unfair! Also I've been too tired to think about the holiday plan, I couldn't think but just "want to take rest" for weeks.

Anyway, from today to 22nd I'm on my summer holiday then I'll have weekend, so now at least I can have some rest. Today the first day of my holiday, though there are many things I should do on the desk, on my computer, in my house, in the garden (because of the busyness and stress from the job I could do nothing at home for weeks and now my to-do lists are quite heavy) - I have done almost nothing, just been idle in the air-conditioned room. I did some drawing, stroked Mr.Uma often, and enjoyed reading. Today I was reading Albert Camus's "La Pete" - the recent epidemic of Ebola in Africa made me chose this book of course.
And in Japan now we have many serious natural disasters, heavy rain has caused mudslide and killed more than 35 people this morning in the west part of Japan. They have had heavy rain for a while there, and in many other part of Japan the climate is quite unusual & tough this summer. Just in our area (around Tokyo) we have had sunny days but the heat is unbearable, it has also killed many people.
So I know I should think myself very lucky, I have no right to complain. At least I'm not ill at present and have peaceful life here in my house.

In the evening I looked up westward and took this photo. Peaceful evening sky...
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