katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

I'd like to be relaxed more in my house...

When I began to think about the plan of the new house 2 years ago I tried to make it clear what kind of house I wanted - what I wanted to do in it, how to spend time in it. I imagined many scenes I'd like to realize and make the house plan, for example,

Having the shelves for my photo albums in the living room and see them randomly when I have time.

Enjoying drawing on the new desk.

Writing in my own study which has many bookshelves.

Relaxing on my armchair & watching DVDs.

Going out into the garden easily from my own room & enjoying the air and wind anytime I want.

Enjoying casual reading in the loft.

  etc etc...

Now 5 month after moving into this house, I have nice rooms for these items on my list and have done some of above ...but never about some for I haven't been able to make enough time. At first I've been busy for the house-related matter then I've become quite busy with my job and no energy left recently. it's quite frustrated that I can't fully enjoy the life in my new house :(

I just need the vacation now XD
Tags: daily life, project

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