katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

On this fatal day

When something evil happens people tend to blame someone. Yes, it's important to pursue who is responsible for it to make it never happen again. But there is one other way we can take. Just seeing how evil it is, trying to sympathize with the victims - I believe this is also useful to prevent the same tragedy.

In the morning of 69 yeas ago today a single bomb killed more than a hundred thousand people - at least a quarter of the whole population of a big city. Hiroshima. Most of them were just ordinary citizens, not soldiers. Anyone who has the common sense would call it a terrible war crime. But we, most of ordinary modern Japanese would not want to judge nor condemn Americans. We just want them - and all the people on this earth - to know how evil the atomic bomb is, how it threatens all the humanities. Otherwise it would be surely used again someday in the future and our descendants would blame us all, the people of today. As we can see from the case of the Malaysia Airline shot down in Ukraine, it is just a fantasy to think that we can control the weapons completely.

I know there are countless severe tragedies besides the atomic-bombing of Hiroshima and I'm not ignorant of our own war crimes. But today, on this very fatal day when we stupid human being has used this mortal weapon against the same human being for the first time in history, I wish many people to imagine how it was for the ordinary people in Hiroshima on that day. The huge death tall included several Americans and other Westerners who had happened to be in Hiroshima then, the weapon itself could never tell who is the friend or foe.

When the wind blows any of us are just a human, the same little creature. I pray for the Hibakushas, and ordinary people suffering at this very moment in many places like Palestine and Iraq...
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