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water in the garden

Since my last report about the rice-fish in the water-pot some adult fish has died but the fry has grown up, I put all of them into the pot again a while back, now I can see many tiny rice-fish moving in the water very lively. It's great fun to see them every morning :)

CIMG5621 2

CIMG5628 2

And now on these high summer days, the little fish & water-weed in the water-pot, strong sunshine and hot & humid air - the mixture of them often reminds me of my holiday trip to certain Malaysian island some years ago. Then I've stayed in the nicest hotel on the beach surrounded by tropical forest in which I could see many squirrels & monkeys & birds... It's one of my best memories of summer :)   Also I remember my childhood days when I had often visited my grandparent's house from which garden this water-pot has come.

The water in the summer garden seems to have some magic to make us remember the things...
Tags: daily life, thought

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