katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

in the garden

Slightly cloudy day. Now in our garden many weeds enjoy their short lives XD  I and mother often go out there & pull them out X)
Next to the water pot of our rice-fish there grows a plant with nice pink flowers - it's rather a common flower here but sorry I don't know its English name. We didn't plant it, it has just grown there.

(The window behind is my room)

Today I laid some more pieces of turf in the garden. Now I have another checker there :)


After the labour I had shower, then enjoyed the evening breeze on the wooden terrace. Oh I love such weekend I can spend hours in the garden. But our climate is quite unstable now, after dark we had sudden thundershower! I closed every shutter in the house still its sound is quite threatening! (It's still raining at the moment)

I wonder how the homeless cats - I saw them this evening, 3 small cats in my garden - are doing in such rain ...
Tags: daily life

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