katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

my poor English ear...

Recently I have enjoyed & at the same time felt depressed with the DVD "The video diary of Rifleman Harris".

This is the backstage video made by the actor, telling how the popular TV drama "Sharpe" series has been created, its images are attractive and interesting more than enough for me, a big fan of the series. But it is almost shocking how I cannot catch the English narration, I watched it several times but could understand just some parts of the content.

As an ordinary Japanese who have never lived in UK or USA, never worked for foreign affiliated company or trading company, I think my English skill is not so terrible, I have many foreign friends, I can exchange e-mails with them, I can read English books(not difficult ones...), etc. But of course my British or American friends try to use simple English when they speak with me, reading written English is far easier for I can take my time to use dictionary. Trying to catch the English spoken for the native English speaker is totally another matter, it's almost... hopeless with my poor vocabulary and dull ear, I'm deeply frustrated with my own ability.

I desperately want to understand the story, want to talk about it with other fans, want to tell the actor how I feel & think about it... but ...  damn my poor English ear! I feel really lost ... (;_;)
Tags: be hooked on..., thought

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