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Open house

Today the architect & the builder who have built out house had a kind of "open house" here. My house is not only our home but also one of their works and they wanted to show it to the people who might become the new customers.
Today 1 couple with a kid & 4 men visited our house one after another, the architect & the builder explained about the plan, construction, the good point of this house to them. The visitors also asked me about why I chose that architect, how to fix the plan etc.
I don't say I like to show my own house to the total strangers but they were the people trying to figure out what kind of house was good for them like myself 1 years ago, it's interesting to talk with them. It might be a good advertisement for the architect & the builder that I talk to the people about how good this house is, and frankly no merit for us but I & mother rather enjoyed to see them.
But also, we spent today meeting them - it means I couldn't do other things at all today, and there are sooooo many things I have to do soon. How frustrating X(
Tags: project

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