katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

where to go ?

Today after work I went shopping to some department store and my best friend accompanied me - she has a kind of discount members card for the store and kindly let me use it anytime :)
Then we had supper in Chinese restaurant, talked each other about how we've been busy and tired recently and wanted to go somewhere - maybe 1 night trip? So after supper we went to the nearby travel agency to see the travel brochures, to check where we can go with a reasonable price :}
Unfortunately I found the nice pictures of the travel destinations (in nearby area) on the brochures didn't attract me. I was attracted by the photos of the famous sightseeing spots in foreign countries but it's obvious that I can't take long holiday from my job at present so no foreign travel is possible.
But I think I should leave my house even for one or two days for a change. Since we moved into the new house at the end of Feb I've never stayed out and it seems to be no good for my mental health. So the problem is, when, and to where, I should go out...
Tags: thought

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