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During this May, I've done much overtime work, and used much flexible time to go to the office later or leave the office earlier than usual to go to see the vet, to visit some public office, to do some shopping etc. In a word  my working hours on each day quite varied. I hope my life would be more settled in coming June.

And today, 30th May. This morning before going to the office (later than usual) I went to a public office for the final step of the registration of the new house. I've been there several times, the registration was really complicated and took time (but thankfully the officer was kind). Today I got the certification, the registration was finally done!

Now my concern is about Mr.Uma (now with Elizabeth collar) - the result of the examination of his removed wart will come within 10 or 12 days - , about our garden (we should plant some grass before the annual rainy season), about some drawing & editing for a small club I belong to, about the money stuff about the house (!!) ....and I'm afraid that I would be also busy in the office in June. Oh... it's hard to find time to take holidays & travel abroad X(

Well... anyway first I have to slow down a bit and make the pace of my life steady. And travel, write, draw.  Let's see...
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