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very encouraging news...

I'm terribly groggy with this head cold...

Today I heard that the art exhibition of Giorgio Morandi's works which had been scheduled in Toyota city in April was canceled. It's a shame, Morandi is one of my favorite artist and I would willingly take bullet train to go to see it.
Italian authorities did not want to bring the artworks to Japan now. It's an understandable decision for Morandi's works are surely Italian national treasures, but I don't think it is reasonable, it seems a bit ...(sorry) ridiculous. Toyota is far west city from Fukushima, we have to take bullet train to go there even from here Yokohama, or from Tokyo. It is not even located in the area where The Tokyo Electric Power Company is servicing. If I'd make a tasteless joke, they need another huge earthquake or an accident of another nuclear power plant to harm the artworks in Toyota.
Tags: disaster & resurrection

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