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Grandfather's dream house

Now fortunately I live in my own house which I had dreamed so long and quite content with it. And, last spring when I cleared the old closets in my grandparent's house I found something like... my grandfather's dream house.


This seems to be an architect's conception of extension onto my grandfather's house. The monochrome part of this plan shows his house built in the late 1920's, which my grandparents and aunt had lived in all their lives and I had often visited & known well. But the coloured part was quite new to me, it has never been built. From the style and the condition of the paper, I think this plan was made around 1940, before the last war, this seems to be what my grandfather had wanted to add on to the original house. But needless to say the war, and the social situation ruined all the plans and dreams people had had those days, his dream house had never come true.


Since when I found this plan in the closet of our old house I've decided to display this in my new house, and recently I put it in a frame and hung it in the entrance hall. I think this small house plan tells so many things, besides I like this drawing very much :)
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