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Since the huge magnitude 9.0 earthquake on 11 March we have had countless aftershocks but most of them were not serious. Here in Yokohama the quake on 11 March was about M5, aftershocks were M3 at the worst, mostly M2 or less. But recently we had some rather big quakes once or twice a day, about M3 - M4 even here, one of them caused a landslide which killed some people in northern Japan. The authorities said there could be more big aftershocks in near future.

These frequent earthquakes make us feel uneasy, sometimes they make me feel sick - physically, like seasickness X(
But we are OK, though I live in an old wooden house which would undoubtedly collapse with huge earthquake (^_^;), what I worry about is the people and houses in Tohoku, the damaged area. The victims are already exhausted, buildings have been shaken too much and became fragile. This is really like a long battle with the nature, and I'm afraid this is merely an overture...
Tags: disaster & resurrection

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