katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

blue sky and music

It was a wonderful fine spring day today! The sky was blue and cloudless.

Yesterday my "arranging things in the new house" job made a good progress. This morning I took Mr.Uma to the vet as I did once for one or 2 weeks. His condition is still not perfect but not bad at present! :)
Then in the evening I went to the concert of classical music. The first program was Schumann's Concerto for piano & orchestra in a-minor. The famous great music, and the performance was really wonderful! But unfortunately, really unfortunately I couldn't hold on for 30 minutes of the music - fell in sleep sometimes. The second program was Brahms's Symphony No.2. Brahms is one of my favorite composer, and the performance was also wonderful but it's difficult to concentrate on the sound. I had to notice that how  physically tired I was after the latest hectic 2 months.
But going to listen to the live classical music once a month is the part of my "usual life", I have to back to .... no, make the new pace of "usual life" now! And mentally listening to the good music was really soothing, it's not a bad day today... :)
Tags: daily life, mr.uma, music, project

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