katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

full bloom under the tragedy

Yesterday, on Sunday.
Cherry trees were in full bloom. After strolling through the parks and town in Tokyo we enjoyed my friend's wonderful home cooking. From her apartment we could look down at a beautiful row of cherry trees.

And today, Monday. 11th April.
1 month since the disaster.

It is becoming more and more difficult to concentrate our attention on the victims and the stricken area for there too many, too complicated problems, on the other hand we have to make our lives go on. Recently I reluctantly allowed myself to enjoy my usual life includes shopping, eating out with friends, going to movie theatre, etc... but NEVER let me forget the calamity. It forced us very heavy and inevitable problems which we don't know how to handle at this moment, but we have to face them sooner or later.
The brutal nature seems to be not satisfied with the sacrifice of 30000 lives, today we again had a big quake. But we won't be beaten, never, we must not...

Eastern Japan Great Earthquake Disaster

death toll : 13116
missing : 14377 (as of 4/11)
Tags: disaster & resurrection, travel/going out

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