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the weight of clothes

It is the coldest season in a year now. My tolerance for coldness is quite low so I layer my clothing and wear a long coat when I go out during the midwinter.

But recently I've been very busy and tired, my neck becomes quite stiff. And because the weight of the long coat tires me now I don't want to wear it despite the low temperature, yesterday and today I wore the shorter one.

Though I prefer ordinary wool coat I could buy down jacket if I want the lighter coat. And I wonder if people might be suffering from the heavy clothes in the old days when there were no down or the light chemical fiber, but ... they might be tougher than us.

My grandfather (mother's father) had belong to the Japanese Navy before and during the last war (he was an engineer oficer so I believe he had killed no one :) , when I cleared his house of old stuff some years ago I found his naval uniform which was made of thick wool. From the curiosity I tried to wear it and was surprised by its heavy weight.

I like the naval fiction like Forester's "Hornblower" or O'Brian's "Aubrey-Maturin" series and in those stories the naval officers are wearing the thick uniform always, even in the tropic climate.
At the Battle of Trafalgar Admiral Nelson and other officers were wearing their formal uniform, I heard. And I wonder ... they didn't suffer from the stiff necks at all??? XD
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