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Old books

Today I emptied my bookshelf, put most of the books in cardboard boxes in preparation for the move into the new house. But I left my most precious books on the shelves for I'm going to bring them to the new bookshelf with my own hands.

These are them. One of my treasures - the old complete works of R.L.Stevenson, the author of "Treasure Island".

The smaller ones are Tsusitala Edition, edited by the author's wife & stepson, published in 1923. The bigger books are Pentland Edition, edited by Edmund Gosse and published in 1906. Both are very famous and popular complete works among us Stevenson fans and my fellow Stevensonians have often envied me for these :)
I seldom open them for they are too precious for daily reading but sometimes open one or two books and enjoy touching the old paper.

Today I moved them to the another place in the bookshelf and it's been ages since I touched all of them last. And I again admired the beauty of these old books...
Tags: book, project

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