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from Europe on 1920'S

Recently I took the stuff from the old shelf in my room. I'm going to send the shelf to the furniture shop and ask them to clean & restore it so I had to empty it.
This shelf is one of the furniture which my grandfather brought back from Germany where he had studied on 1922 or 1923. I heard that he had bought them not from the shop but from the local, ordinary family. It was just after the WW1 so German currency might have been depreciated and a poor overseas student could buy such big things. I can imagine how this kind of Western things looked wonderful to an Asian young man then, and he might have fancied the smart life surrounded by the Western furniture and other stuff in Japan. I also often think about how was the feeling of the German family who sold their furniture to a Japanese student.

Anyway since then my country had also experienced the War, defeat and every hardship, my grandfather's life must have totally changed from what he had planned. This shelf had been stored in the shed with other furniture for many years until when I found it and took it out of the shed about 20 years ago. I thought this was a beautiful thing as my grandfather did in Germany long ago, and even now I like to use this in my room though I think this is not expensive thing, maybe just a common stuff in those days. To me the point is that this is the thing my grandfather liked to bring home from his overseas life.

I'm going to put this in the hall of my new house so want to clean it before moving :)
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