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still snowing...

Around 4pm, it's still snowing, sometimes snowstorming. Out carpenter left here early in the afternoon. I've wanted to remove snow from our gateway and waited it stop snowing but since early morning it never stopped, I'm afraid that when it stop snowing there would be too much snow to remove. Usually we seldom have snow so do not have proper equipment (like big snow shovel, rubber boots etc), and our public transportation system is quite vulnerable to heavy snow. So at present the local weather forecast is far more important than the Olympic  games for me XD

(in the afternoon, our garden)

(and the gateway)

(postscript in the evening)
It's quite fortunate that today is Saturday and no job, I have been at home all day, never gone out of the house. But some people had no choice but going out for the job or for the entrance exam for universities etc. And now in the evening most of the public transportation is stopped or delayed - local buses, trains, even some underground lines are delayed. The official report say that more than 15cm of snow had fallen in Yokohama, I can see there is more than 30cm pile of snow on the roof of my neighbor's house (0_o;)
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