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big lot and small budget XD

The construction of my new house will be finished at the end of Feb (at least the contract says so!) and after we'd move into it we'll pull down the rest of old house and have to arrange the outside of the house. So now we are talking about it - how to make the front yard, the fences etc - with the architect and the gardener.

The gardener who has taken care of our garden for more than 15 years - or maybe 20 years? - told me & mother that we should make a nice garden which was worthy of the site. He means, not many people can live in such a big lot.

When my grandfather built the house here before the last war, the average lot for one house was far bigger than today. So nowadays we and our 4 or 5 neighbors whose family had moved into this area in those old days live in quite big property - compared to the modern house and land (In the urban area, I mean. In countryside people live in a bigger property.). I've always thought we were lucky and thanked for that we had enough space though the house itself was old and inconvenient. And despite the big lot we are just a middle class family, unfortunately never wealthy X(

As for the new house, we could make the plan according as our budget - a small house suitable for my income. But as for the garden... I can't afford "the nice garden worthy of the site", yes, frankly our garden is too big for an ordinary family XD (And we are in a bit difficult circumstance where we can't divide the land & sell the half of it.)
We live in the residential area in a big city so the fence and gates which secure the property are indispensable and they'd cost much. So in addition to them how much I can afford making the "nice" garden - trees or plants, rocks etc - I'm quite doubtful XD
But, well, I'll check my saving account again and find what I could do with the garden.

One friend gave me the advice that we should keep the land just as it is and see how it would turn out. Maybe she is right. Let's see...
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