katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

tryng not to think, but not to forget

A small, but rare happy news about the disaster.

On 1st April a dog was rescued by the ship of Japan Coast Guard from the debris floating on the water 1.8km off Tohoku coast, she seemed have been there with no food nor water for three weeks since the very day. Very fortunately her owner was survived too, she could go back to her family yesterday.

I cannot bear to think about other pet animals who had similar but more fatal experiences, let alone people, so just enjoyed to read this article and tried not to think.


Recently I often take a bath by candlelight, turning off the light. It's very peaceful to do so, soaking in hot water, thinking nothing, but feeling many things including regret, anger, sorrow...


Eastern Japan Great Earthquake Disaster

death toll : 12344
missing : 15237 (as of 4/5)

Tags: disaster & resurrection

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