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Bon voyage!

Today I and a friend went to Yokohama port to see off Nippon-maru 2nd. Nippon-maru is the famous sail training ship retired in 1984 and now docked in Yokohama, but what we saw today was its successor now being active in training young sailors. It was leaving for Hawaii with 100 young trainees this afternoon.

It was a beautiful day today, and there were many people on the pier. Maybe families and friends of the trainees, ship-lovers like us, and amateur photographers. The trainees - most of them were boys but we saw some girls too - saluted them with manning the yards, it was beautiful and touching sight, really!


They raised their caps and shouted "Good Bye!" from the yards as one.


Then they left the port, heading for the ocean.
(Nippon-maru 2nd going under the Yokohama Bay bridge)

It's sunny day but the air was quite chilly - and the trainees' feet were bare when they were on the yards. We felt freezing too but we really enjoyed this afternoon!

(Nippon-maru 1st, in the evening of the same day, in its permanent dock in Yokohama)
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