katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

the 1st week

The first working week of 2014. On Monday and Tuesday the weather was beautiful, we had cloudless blue sky and mild air. On both morning I've walked to the office to wake me up. On Wednesday the weather became dull, we had some rain and today, Thursday it has become quite cold in the evening, the weather forecast warns of the low temperature on this coming weekend.

Everyday I woke up early and made packed lunch, cleaned rabbit's toilet, fed Mr.Uma and massaged his painful belly (his digestion is not in good condition lately) before I left home for work. In the office I've worked - not very well, I'm afraid but - moderately. After 9 day holiday this ordinary working hours made me feel quite tired X), in the evening I wanted to do nothing at home.

I think, it's the beginning of the year, the first week and the first month is somewhat important to make a good pattern of life, and frankly I have no time to be just idle. Now we have just 2 months before our new house would be completed (at least it's what we've been told) and have to start packing my stuff and preparation to move. Now it should be a very enjoyable time to wait for the completion of the house but I cannot help but noticing that I've been tired from this temporary living for ... almost 5 months now and a bit numbed. But I know I have to cheer me up. I'll have a long year from now on!
Tags: daily life, thought

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