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small escape from realities...

This afternoon I opened a folding map of northwest part of France on the floor, checked the names of towns which were in the book "An Inland Voyage" by R.L.Stevenson. This essay on the author's canoeing travel from Antwerp to Pontoise(France) has been one of my favorite books for over 20 years, I have wanted to travel after this story for many years.
So when Stevenson Club of Edinburgh I belong to announced they were planning a coach tour following the route of this book I applied to join, it was about 6 months ago.
The trip will be in coming May, and I cannot say I'm certain I'll go in these circumstances. Still it's a great joy to follow the travel route on the map. River, canals, small towns, forests and meadows, and peaceful lives of villagers... such tranquility is just what I desperately need -- though I cannot help feeling guilty thinking of my holiday plan.

Eastern Japan Great Earthquake Disaster

death toll : 12020
missing : 15512
Tags: travel/going out

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