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the year is going to end...

The last workday of this year. In Japan most of the ordinary offices close from the 30th Dec to 3rd Jan. This year we have the longest end of the year & new year holidays - weekend, 30 Dec to 3 Jan, weekend - 9 days off!
Today we worked as usual in the morning then in the afternoon cleaned our office with dustcloths and buckets. I'm not sure how many companies still keep this the end of the year cleaning custom but I think it's good to clean the office by ourselves before we leave it on the last weekday, then we can start our new year job in the clean office.
We left the office earlier than usual, I think some workers would go for drink together, some might for shopping or movie theatre etc.

I had no after work plan today, I just went to the grocery for Mr.Uma's green vegetables. On the last & first few days of the year markets of fresh food close so I need to get more vegetables than usual for my rabbit ... also for his girlfriend(?) Tsuku, my sister's rabbit. She is going to stay with us (Mr.Uma & I) for a few days here while sister's family and my mother would go for 2-nights trip during the new year holidays. I'm looking forward to seeing Tsuku again but also quite afraid of her usual over-liveliness XD

(Mr.Uma & Tsuku in Aug, their last meeting)

So, again. the year is going to end. From the very first to the end this has been a bit unusual, busy and troublesome year for me, but with many expectations about the house-rebuilding plan. In the coming 2014, I hope I'd have much time to do what I want to do though I know well that within 2 or 3 months after moving to the new house in March our life would be still unstable, uneasy. There are so many things on my "to do (in the new house) lists" and I feel like I can't wait. Of course, before starting the new life, at first I have to manage to tidy my paper, books, clothes etc and move all of them - it must be rather a hard task for me X(
During the new year holiday I should make a plan of it. Well, well...
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