katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

Friendly rabbit

I usually feed my rabbit Mr.Uma twice a day. In the morning and evening I give him some vegetables and a spoonful dried pellets. Also I put a pile of dried timothy grass in his cage so he can eat them anytime. He prefer the vegetables & pellets to the timothy grass, but his favorite foods are something sweet - like carrot, sweet potato, apple. These sweet things are not good for his health if he overeat them so I give them to him just as a "treat" - means, just a little amount, and just sometimes.

Now, since our temporary life began during the construction of the new house, mother spends more time in my room than before during the daytime and it seems she quite spoils Mr.Uma with the treats! XD
I always tell her not to give him too many sweet foods but I'm a bit doubtful of her moderation.
For... Mr.Uma seems quite friendly with her recently XD

(Mr.Uma eating something from mother's hands)

Hey Mr.Uma, your master - who has adopted you, cleans your cage and toilet, buys food for you, pays for the vet- is ME! Not my mother !!!!
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