katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

rainy day...

Today, very early morning I woke up for ...called by nature X) In the dark I went to the toilet and went back to sleep. Then, maybe after 1 hour, again nature called me. Yes, my ... urination system doesn't seem to be in the best condition recently X(
Anyway I believe it was around 4am and 5am.... and, you could imagine, when I got up at 6:30 I felt exhausted after the incomplete sleep X(

Also, it is raining today, not heavy rain but cold all day, the sky has been light-gray during the daytime... I've been somewhat irritating in the office all the while. Then in the evening rain became rather heavy, temperature was very low.

I think I need a nice chocolate cake and a rabbit to cuddle! XD
Tags: daily life

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